Текст песни (слова) Juice WRLD - Reach (Freestyle)
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Fuck that bitch, hit it
Then I forget it
I've been cash flippin'
Fuck yo bitch with it
Then I forget it
But I still hit it
I hit that bitch for a minute
All of this money I'm spendin'
Niggas be broke, they pretendin'
Pull up on him with extended
Brand new Glock in it, Like 2Pac in it
I got juce nigga, Like 2Pac in it
Pour a deuce nigga, that 2Pac sippin'
I got juice nigga, like 2Pac nigga
I'm gon' splash on em
Off a xan, when I pop I'ma drag on em
Ksubi jeans filled with bands, so they sag on me
Niggas actin' fake as fuck, I'm not your homie
I do this by my lonely
Ballin' out like a New Guard
Shootin' on these hoes, like a Point Guard
Niggas know, who really in charge
Yellow bone bitch, lookin' like Mars
She gon' take my heart
I done took a drug, took it to far
I be high as hell, wherever you are
Yeah, wherever you are
Yeah, [?]

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