Текст песни (слова) No Angels - Angel Of Mine
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Relax your mind
And just close your eyes
You know I'm with you, whatever you do
So just take your time
Cause we're just devine
Cause I'm gonna make you see
Just let yourself go and trust in me
And I'll go all the way with you, it's true, cause I feel for you
That I'm the one who's there for you
Mmh... oh yeah...

Through all the seasions night and day
Oh ill never walk away
Cause your the...
Oh no, this I promise you
The light of my life

... Angel of mine
Through all the good and bad times
You're the one that always shines
Cause your the angel, angel, angel...
Angel of mine

And I will always be there
The good things in life
Yes I will always share
Till the time is passing by
Angel of mine
Cause your the angel, angel, angel...
And make me see
Take care of me

That I can trust you
What you mean to me
It's plain to see
Cause your faithfully
what you've done for me
Thank you for everything
Cause I'm gonna make you see...

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