Текст песни (слова) Jessie J - You Should Be Dancing
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Jessie j:
My baby moves at midnight
Goes right onto the dawn, hey!
Listen! My woman takes me higher
My woman keeps me warm, yeeah!
Jessie j:
Watcha doing on your back? Yeeah (x2)
Jessie & taio:
You should be dancing yeah!
Dancing yeah
Tinie tempah:
Sexy Mumma Sita, listen it's really nice to meet ya
We could just dance through the olympics.
Baby I call it this could fever, you got it when you on and off the pitch girl reckon that you could be a singer.
Looking at five rings as a symbol there could be one for each finger, you feel me?
Don't let anybody lie or cheat let me be like ice skate and let me get underneath hey!
I'm hotter than a fire-breather don't let me spill my torch I'm a funderneather yeah!
If you ain't come from here and you've been living in stone.
I'm a London leader, you ain't doing long jump or a hundred metre put your flags up in the sky you should be
Jessie & taio:
Dancing yeah (x2)
You should be dancing, yeah!(x2)
Dancing yeah(x2)

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